SMPIT Al Mughni: Suci Wulandani

Suci Wulandani

Name: Suci Wulandani, S.Pd

School: SMPIT Al Mughni, Jakarta, Indonesia



Suci Wulandani graduated from one of the best schools of education in Indonesia, Jakarta State University majoring in Sociology Education. She has Sarjana Pendidikan or Bachelor of Education and graduated with GPA 3,67 which indicates that she has good academic record during her study. She had experiences in teaching Social Science such as history and geography to students since she graduated in 2010.

She has been teaching in SMPIT Al Mughni for 5 years and gained many experiences learning with various students. Her ability in modify learning into meaningful and fun way has lead students to be creative and enthusiatic. She believed that learning takes place where students studying in meaningful and fun way; the belief driving her to be a part of SMPIT Al Mughni where the meaningful and fun learning takes place.

Motivation and Goals to Join World Education

I hope that joining this World Education Project will enable students to expand and share knowledge and experiences in global community. This would also lead students to have many perspectives in seeing things and communicate globally with students in  the Netherland. I hope this World Education Project will contribute to the education in Indonesia and global world sustainably.

My motivation joining this World Education program is that I believe that interaction and fun learning will always achieve good result for students. I believe that other than result, the process of learning is much more important for students in this era. If students’ learning process is meaningful and fun, it will create good result of learning. This World Education program is exactly a good program that help us to improve our quality education. In addition, it will provide students with opportunity to learn from their friend in different countries. Students will not only learn about cultural-cross but also experience it.