SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur

SMP Pa van der Steur 400x400

SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur was built in 1982 and located in West Bekasi, Indonesia. It is a Christian private school applying the 2006 National Curriculum of Ministry of Culture and Education. By implementing this curriculum, the students are able to achieve a deep understanding of many subjects such as Natural Science, Math, Social Science, Religious Education, English, Art and Culture, Physical Education, Bahasa Indonesia, Civic Education, Technology and Information, and the other optional subject to increase self-development of the students. Especially for English, this subject is given to the students since grade 7 in the class and also in the English laboratory. Most of students and teachers in this school are Christian. Some of them are Catholic and Moslem. The teachers and students come from many different tribes in Indonesia, such as Javanese, Sundanese, Betawinese, Bataknese, Timornese, Papuanese, and etc. The aim of SMPK Pa van der Steur is to educate young generation to be inovative, responsible, and religious.

SMPK Pa van der Steur will join World Education program with Jeane Indrawaty.