SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur: Jeane Indrawaty

Jeane Indrawaty 320x320Name: Jeane Indrawaty

School: SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur



Jeane Indrawaty is a passionate English teacher who has dedicated herself in teaching English far before she graduated from Secondary English Education degree in Jakarta. Her passion in teaching English had been shown since she was in a senior high school level at Gontor Islamic Boarding School for Girls. She was chosen due to her good qualification in English by the board to teach English for the third graders for two years during her four-year study in that shool. She also became the best performer of English Speech extracurricular regularly held every Friday in the school and was chosen to give a role-model in each English speech program. She had won English speech contest twice hosted by the school and she also participated as an english speech performer in Ramadhan program ‘Pesantren to Pesantren’  broadcasted by RCTI.

After she graduated from Gontor Boarding School, she continued dedicating herself in teaching by being an English Teacher at SMP Islam Favorite As-Salafy for about five years.

On January 2006 her family relocated to Pondok Gede and the previous school doesn’t have any branch in Pondok Gede, so she moved and started her new career in teaching English at Pa van der Steur school.
At her first year, she taught the Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School students.
Teaching three different levels at the same time was really a true challenge to her at that time. But amazingly she didn’t think it was a stumble block to keep on giving the students best English teaching. Infact from the challenge she was facing at the new school, she actually got more motivated to perform better in any levels she was teaching. She then; started to make efforts. She believed by hard-work and eagerness to learn, she could encounter any problems she had at that moment. Then, she started to attend various English teacher trainings, workshops and seminars.
Apparently, being participated in many trainings didn’t seem enough to her that she also became private English teacher who taught so many students who came from different levels as well. Those experience eventually brought huge progress and excellent result.

Nowadays she is an English Teacher at Pa van der Steur Christian Primary School who is qualified in teaching English for any different levels. Young learners, teens and adults. Her passion in teaching English will always grow even after her 16-year dedication in teaching English professionally. She thinks teaching is learning. By her experience in learning the best method and approach of teaching English for various levels, she already proved that basically a teacher has an ability to teach students  at any different levels as long as the teacher has a passion to learn and to teach at the same time.

It is with great pleasure and expectation she participates in WE (World Education) Program.

She is very interested that her students would have a chance to study English and get in contact with another culture at the same time. It can be an international experience as well broadens their horizon. So it is expected after following this program; it may lead the students to self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem.