SMP Global Islamic School

Global Islamic School 400x400Located in East Jakarta, Indonesia, Junior High Global Islamic School was established in 2002 as a private national school. The number of the students in this academic year (2015-2016) has reached 410 students. Apart from developing academic potential, students are also exposed in the development of 3 important aspects i.e. leadership, Islamic Values, and English as a means of communication in the global world. Those three domains are internalized in many different activities, such as, sport, scout, arts, etc. within   intra-curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular at the school.

JH GIS is expanding activities in the World Education (WE) Program. The main objective is to develop communicative skills as well as to  promote understanding of  cultural differences in modern multi-cultural world.

The Global Islamic School will participate in WE with two teachers, Inayatul Jannah and Rochani Handayani