Global Islamic School: Rochani Handayani

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Name: Rochani Handayani

School: Global Islamic School, East Jakarta, Indonesia




I am Nani. I am a Social Studies teacher for grade 7 at Junior High Global Islamic School.  I started teaching in 2002. This year is  my 13th  years of teaching.

I’m so happy to be a teacher.  Since I was a little girl, I always want to be a teacher. I used to play with my friends and act like  a teacher. So, being a teacher is my dream comes true.

Teaching is about sharing and learning. It’s so honor for me to  share and  learn lot of things with the children at school.  Every child teaches me different things.  Every child Inspires me different ways. It motivates me to keep learning and be a better teacher,  a better person.  I do really hope that all the things  I share and learn with my students will inspire  and help them  find their best to define the future. One thing  I care the most, is that  all the children, they can be anything they want in life, but they must be a man of value. So we can create a better society, a better world.

Education Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Math & Natural Science Faculty, Geography Department University of Indonesia  (1994 – 2000)
  • M.Ed  of Social Studies Education Indraprasta PGRI University (2011 – 2014)


  • Participant of Global Warming symposium (2006)
  • Participant of The Climate Project  training ( 2009)
  • Trainer of Best Performance on “Untukmu Indonesia Tercinta” Festival (2011)
  • Indonesian Teacher Certification (2012)
  • 3rd Winner Writing Essay Competition, Teacher’s Day Event, GIS  (2013)
  • Participant of Jurnalist training by Kompas (2015)

I can write a poem and compose a song  which I think could help and support my teaching

Motivation and Goals to Join World Education

To join the World Education is really great opportunity for me as a teacher. It is also a big chance for the students and schools . I am sure that we’ll learn lot of things as a global citizen. We’ll learn and share each other about how we improve our better understanding   to the global issues such as in the environment, culture, health, and economy.

As global citizen we face the same problem. That’s what we have to understand and that’s why we need to work together to build a global awareness.

Through joining World Education, the teachers and students can share their opinions and also solutions dealing with issues which are becoming a global concern i.e. a climate change, human trafficking, etc. We can learn to have a better understanding that those issues are very serious ones and we need to take a part as a global citizen to solve the problem. We can learn to improve our communication skill too, such as  how we share the ideas and knowledge, how we introduce and promote the life of our country, our people and our culture, etc.

World Education project could be a way to improve the quality of education and  create a better society, a better world. I am glad to be a part of this project and I hope we -me and my students- can learn a lot from it.

Rochani Handayani (Nani)