Global Islamic School: Inayatul Jannah

Name: Inayatul Jannah

School: Global Islamic School, East Jakarta, Indonesia



As a highly-motivated and passionate teacher, I’m eager to think and learn more about new techniques and methods in teaching in order to enrich my students’ experience in learning activities. I have been teaching at Global Islamic School for about five years and during my internship, I have helped my students to achieve some highly precious awards i.e. winning the silver medal in English written competition of NSO (National Science Olympiad) RSBI competition, winning some medals on English written competitions held by DIKNAS (Ministry of Education), being the second winner of storytelling competition held by Insan Cendikia School, being the second winner of news casting competition held by ministry of Education  (DKI-Jakarta/ province round) and winning some trophies in Speech Contest held by the Youth and Sport Ministry.

I am also entrusted by school to be the coordinator of saman dance extracurricular activity and to run the “English Movement” program which is held monthly. It is a program where students can show their English talents; singing in English, being a news anchor, playing a role in a drama and presenting their movie project in front of public (year 7 to year 9 students plus the teachers). In addition, I was entrusted to run some programs at school (becoming the chief of final exam committee, the coordinator of internal English competition, the coordinator of School Radio program, the chief of School Orientation Program and the coordinator of external English competition). Not only entrusted becoming a chief/ a coordinator in a program, I also contributed to train some students to be a master/ mistress of a ceremony in some school programs.

Education Qualification:

  • Graduated from UIN (Universitas Islam Negeri) Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta in 2009
  • Faculty: Teachers’ Training
  • Major: English Education Department


During my five-year teaching at Global Islamic School, I have attended some seminars and workshops:

  1. Teacher Training Workshop on Developing English Teaching Competence for SMP English Teachers held by IALF Penerbit Erlangga – the speaker was Ms. Simone Samuels
  2. Pearson Asia Pacific Seminar on Starting Lessons Effectively for Secondary Class by David Kaye & Luz Saguin Ismail in 2011
  3. Cambridge Day 2012 on Intercultural Awareness in the EFL Classroom, Management of the Teaching and Learning Process, Speaking English in Real World by Josep M. Mas, Adrian Doff and Stuart Vinnie
  4. Cambridge Day 2015 by Dr. Herbert Puchta (The Author of English in Mind & Super Minds)
  5. National Seminar on the 3rd National Science Olympiad SMP RSBI 2012
  6. Workshop on Professional Development Program : English in Context held by Al Taqwa College Indonesia in 2012
  7. Journalism Workshop held by Harian KOMPAS in 2015

Motivation and Goals to Join World Education

Being an inspiring teacher has always been every teacher’s dream including me. An inspiration which triggers students to dream high and to achieve more can be resulted from rich and creative learning activities. As a teacher, I always try to present innovative teaching and learning activities so that my students’ critical thinking and creativity can be established well.

In the globalization era, collaborating with other people is a need. No border can separate people as a global citizen from one country with another. In this matter, cross-culture understanding is a must material to learn.

As a part of global citizens, I always encourage my students to know, to understand and to respect every culture from countries around the world. I always told my students that learning a language does not mean only learn about the language itself but also learning the people and the cultures. The idea of how World Education will connect us – students and teachers- from Indonesia and from Netherland is apparently in line with both my teaching and learning activity goals as well as my dream as a teacher. It is a great opportunity for me and my students to interact with people from different countries, different cultures and maybe different point of view. In this program, my students and I will learn authentically the word “respect”. We will learn that differences are beautiful, that differences make the world even more colorful.