SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur: Jeane Indrawaty

Name: Jeane Indrawaty School: SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur Website:  Biography Jeane Indrawaty is a passionate English teacher who has dedicated herself in teaching English far before she graduated from Secondary English Education degree in Jakarta. Her passion in teaching English had been shown since she was in a senior high school level at Gontor[…]

Global Islamic School: Inayatul Jannah

Name: Inayatul Jannah School: Global Islamic School, East Jakarta, Indonesia Website: Biography As a highly-motivated and passionate teacher, I’m eager to think and learn more about new techniques and methods in teaching in order to enrich my students’ experience in learning activities. I have been teaching at Global Islamic School for about five years and during my[…]

SMP Global Islamic School

Located in East Jakarta, Indonesia, Junior High Global Islamic School was established in 2002 as a private national school. The number of the students in this academic year (2015-2016) has reached 410 students. Apart from developing academic potential, students are also exposed in the development of 3 important aspects i.e. leadership, Islamic Values, and English[…]

SMPIT Al Mughni: Nur Hidayatus Syarifah

Name: Nur Hidayatus Syarifah, S.Pd School: SMPIT Al Mughni, Jakarta, Indonesia Website:   Biography Nur Hidayatus Syarifah has a Sarjana Pendidikan or Bachelor of Education from the English Language Teaching Department, Sampoerna School of Education (SSE), The Sampoerna University, Jakarta-Indonesia. She received a four-years scholarship from Putera Sampoerna Foundation during her study in SSE and[…]

SMPIT Al Mughni: Suci Wulandani

Name: Suci Wulandani, S.Pd School: SMPIT Al Mughni, Jakarta, Indonesia Website: Biography Suci Wulandani graduated from one of the best schools of education in Indonesia, Jakarta State University majoring in Sociology Education. She has Sarjana Pendidikan or Bachelor of Education and graduated with GPA 3,67 which indicates that she has good academic record during her[…]


SMP Islam Terpadu Al Mughni or SMPIT Al Mughni was established in 2006. It is an Islamic private secondary school located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. It combines national curriculum from Ministry of Education and Islamic curriculum from Ministry of Religion. These curriculums able students to have excellence understanding of knowledge such as math, science, history,[…]

SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur

SMP Kristen Pa van der Steur was built in 1982 and located in West Bekasi, Indonesia. It is a Christian private school applying the 2006 National Curriculum of Ministry of Culture and Education. By implementing this curriculum, the students are able to achieve a deep understanding of many subjects such as Natural Science, Math, Social[…]

World Education

Join World Education

Would you like to work with a school on the other side of the world? WE offers you the opportunity to connect your teachers and students to another school through the Internet. WE aims at creating global awareness by building on similarities instead of differences. WE does so by organizing monthly skype sessions between participating schools a cross the globe.[…]

Frans Seda Foundation

The Frans Seda Foundation

In June 2015, we were invited to participate in the third Frans Seda Seminar in Bogor. This seminar is aimed at pooling all fresh ideas and possible joint-cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Businessmen, marketplace professionals, and scholars alike, exchanged insights and explored every possibility for both Indonesia and the Netherlands in contributing to the betterment of[…]