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Global Islamic School

The Global Islamic school is an Islamic private secondary school located in East and South Jakarta

Pa van der Steur

SMP Pa van der Steur is an Christian private secondary school located in Bekasi, Indonesia.

smpit al mughni

SMPIT Al Mughni is an Islamic private secondary school located in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

About WE

Connecting the world through education
Connect your school to the world!

World Education (WE) is an education platform in which classes from Indonesia and Netherlands – and potentially other countries as well – share courses. The aim is to stimulate cultural understanding amongst the young generation of Indonesia and the Netherlands. WE aims at creating global awareness by building on similarities instead of differences. The course will be part of ‘people and society classes’, in which WE will enable students to develop and simultaneously learn more about different societies. The ambition is to create global citizens. The initial target group of WE is the "Brugklas" in the Netherlands and class 7 at SMP in Indonesia. The key of the value proposition is to inspire, learn, connect, and communicate. All with a positive attitude towards each other, the topics and the world. The World Education initiative was created at the 2015 Frans Seda Seminar in Bogor.

  • 5 Indonesian Schools

    are participating in WE

  • 0 Dutch Schools

    are participating in WE

  • 6 Teachers

    are participating in WE

  • 180 Students

    are participating in WE

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World Education

Connecting the world through education
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Rennie Roos

Rennie is the Founder & Owner of Asia Consulting. He has a MA in Asian Politics, Society & Economy from Leiden University, is the founder of the INYS, co-creator of WE, a board member of the INS and taskforce driver for IDN-NL.
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Ferdian Suprata

Ferdian is the Program Coordinator of Living Labs. He has a Msc in Management of Technology from Delft University, is the co-founder of Banting, co-creator of WE, trustee of INYS and branch manager at Gibeon Solutions.
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Katherine Diaz

Katherine is Project Leader at the Aanpak Top600. She has a Msc in Medical Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Amsterdam and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the Zijlstra Center for Public Control, Governance and Leadership. Katherine is co-creator of WE and was awarded the Young Civil Servant Award in 2013.
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Matthijs de Jong

Matthijs is a Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. He has a Msc in Public Administration from Leiden University, is co-creator of WE and is the co-author of: “De 3D-gemeente: Van Eenheidsstaat naar Maatwerkstaat”.


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